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We are a vehicles rental company. Our services are dedicated to both individuals and companies. All our vehicles are new, appraised and insured. Our agencies located in Lausanne and Geneva are composed of a young and dynamic team, on which you can count in all serenity. During your check-in in one of our agencies, you will be warmly welcomed and immediately served. We do our best to keep a human dimension with our customers, to offer them the best service in terms of quality and reliability.


Our car rental offers are made in a tailor-made way to guarantee you the best value for money on the market. When you rent a car at SWISS Rent Car Group, you will enjoy several advantages, including:

  • Car rental 24 Hours – 7 days
  • New cars
  • Ecological cars
  • Several insurance and options
  • Flexible mileage
  • Transfer of cars
  • Long term rental
Agence Lausanne SWISS Rent Car Group

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